Guilt-free snacks for gamers

Targeting people who spend most of their day behind a screen – whether that’s for work or enjoyment - Myna's newly launched ‘poppable’ cookies connect to key growth trends like Blood Sugar Friendly and Real Food.

The brainchild of Kellogg veteran Darcey Macken and gaming celebrity Imane Anys (aka Pokimane, who is the most followed female streamer on gaming platform Twitch with 9.3m followers), Myna’s Midnight Mini Cookies are made with a grain-free and gluten-free mix of almond flour, cassava flour and coconut flour. Sweetened with coconut sugar and agave syrup, the product delivers 8g of sugar and 16g net carbs per 28g serving. According to a comparison on the brand website, this is significantly less than the 14g of sugar and 25g of net carbs found in regular cookies. Calorie content is also low, with 140 kcal in a serving of Myna compared to 200 kcal for regular cookies.

Targeting primarily young gamers, Myna is intended as a guilt-free alternative to cookies, potato chips and other crunchy snacks. The product is promoted as “poppable”, meaning that it is bite-sized and easy to eat while you are doing something else – such as playing video games. The brand also points out that the product is just as suitable for office workers or anyone else who is stuck behind a computer when the mid-afternoon snack cravings set in.

The brand is taste-focused - Myna’s taste is said to resemble that of Oreos, but Myna offers “real ingredients, unreal taste”. The brand’s communications focus on the less-processed, ‘real’ nature of the ingredients.

Highlighted benefits include vitamin D - thanks to the mushroom powder used in the product - and blood sugar support. Myna says it uses coconut sugar and agave syrup as they add "sweetness without greatly affecting blood sugar levels”.

Launched in November 2023, Myna has its eyes set on DTC business initially. The premium price of $7 per 112g of product – more than three times as expensive as a pack of Oreos – may be a turn-off for some consumers, but Myna hopes to attract buyers by promising to “create a positive relationship with snacking”.

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