Failures in Functional Foods and Beverages

12 reasons why brands fail and the 10 rules for success

“I like to study failure.”

Source: American billionaire investor Warren Buffet – and world’s 3rd richest person – speaking at a Coca-Cola shareholders’ conference.
117 pages
330 pages

Latest Edition published June 2014

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About this report

The smartest people know that studying the failures of others teaches us how to succeed.

This is the 3rd edition of our massively popular and unique Failures report. A fully-updated analysis, featuring 10 completely new case studies, it incorporates the latest thinking about what causes failure and what cultivates success.

This 117 page report analyses 22 detailed case studies of brands that failed or “stumbled”, and sets out clearly:

  • The 12 most common causes of failure
  • The 10 Golden Rules for Success

Companies big or small can learn and apply the lessons of failures of the last 17 years.


1. Why do we need to understand failures?
1.1 Why study failures?
1.2 What does failure mean?

2. Ten Golden Rules for Success in healthy foods and beverages

Stumbles Case Studies
Case Study 1: Good Belly – trial and error key to innovation success
Case Study 2: Red Bull fails in energy shots
Case Study 3: Pomegreat – a lesson in staying power

Failures Case Studies
Case Study 4: Novartis Aviva – a “family” of functional foods
Case Study 5: Nesfluid another failure for Nestlé’s nutrition ambitions?
Case Study 6: Nestlé’s prebiotic breakfast cereal
Case Study 7: Minute Maid Heart Wise – a lesson about the crowded world of heart-health
Case Study 8: Unilever pro.activ blood pressure-lowering dairy drink
Case Study 9: Danacol UK – cholesterol-lowering and omega 3
Case Study 10: Sirco fails to fly despite a health claim in Europe
Case Study 11: Danone Essensis beauty food
Case Study 12: Delamere Dairy – milk and joint health
Case Study 13: Emmi LactoTab – energy and coenzyme Q10
Case Study 14: Emminent – energy from dairy
Case Study 15: Enviga – sales collapse for Coca-Cola’s calorie-burner
Case Study 16: Naturally Gorgeous – failing to differentiate weight management
Case Study 17: Whole Water – protein into water doesn’t go
Case Study 18: Super-antioxidant Booster Broccoli fails to justify premium price
Case Study 19: Frito-Lay’s fruit and vegetable snack brand ambitions fall to earth
Case Study 20: Lipton Linea – green tea fails to convince as a weight management drink
Case Study 21: Omega-3 – technology fails to fly as hoped
Case Study 22: Nestlé Nesvita – competitive price and big marketing spend can’t make a me-too succeed




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