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Our case studies focus on brands and products that provide lessons from real challenges and opportunities which you can use to inform business strategy. They are packed with detail including brand portfolio, pricing, and communications and marketing strategy, merchandising and distribution, and come with a check list of key lessons learned.

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Published: July 2020

Case study: Lohilo

With marketing that includes unicorns and rainbows, Sweden's first protein ice cream brand Lohilo clearly targets young, active and adventurous consumers. The brand focuses solely on social media and word-of-mouth marketing and sales grew by 87% in Q1 2020. 

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Published: November 2017

Case Study: Love Beets

Love Beets was founded in England in 2010 by vegetable growers Guy and Katherine Shropshire, who grew and sold their salad vegetables in the UK. On on a visit to the US they saw an opportunity to market and merchandise beets, so they started to experiment with various marinated beets recipes, and took these to the Fancy Food Show in NYC.

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Published: September 2018

Case Study: Löfbergs

One-hundred-and-twelve-year-old coffee roaster Löfbergs shows that a family-owned business can innovate and keep up with the times. The Swedish company has successfully stepped into RTD coffee and is proving itself able to compete with the giants of the coffee business.

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Published: December 2019

Case study: Marty's

Danone enters the UK ambient kids’ snacks market for the first time with its Marty’s brand of allergy-friendly snacks. Products from Marty’s are free from peanuts, egg and gluten and are claimed to be “delicious snacks that you can trust”.

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Published: October 2017

Case Study: Meta Matcha

Founded in 2015, Meta Matcha is a New York based brand with the ambition of offering a viable alternative to coffee in their rannge of matcha based RTD drinks and powders

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Published: November 2022

Case study: Minute Maid Zero Sugar

This Coca-Cola owned brand has come a long way since its foundation in 1945. The Minute Maid Zero Sugar line became one of the most popular new launches in 2021, with sales exceeding $70m. 

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Published: March 2021

Case study: Moma (2021 update)

Since we last wrote about this British breakfast brand its sales have grown by 22% and it has forayed beyond breakfast products to enter the oat milk space. 

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Published: March 2020

Case study: Mossgiel Farm

Can a business be based on sustainability? Scottish dairy company Mossgiel Farm suggests that the answer to that question is ‘yes’. Bryce Cunningham has built Mossgiel Farm’s brand identity on sustainability and provenance and saw sales grow by over 100% in 2019. 

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Published: December 2021

Case study: Mud Wtr

Shane Heath got tired of the Silicon Valley culture and decided to leave the tech start-up industry to create Mud Wtr - an adaptogen-enriched powdered coffee alternative sold DTC. The brand has seen great success over the past year and is proof that it is possible to build a flourishing F&B business entirely without the help of traditional retailers.

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Published: October 2018

Case Study: MyMuesli

MyMuesli is a company whose success is fuelled by the personalisation trend, offering consumers to blend their own muesli from 83 different ingredients. With sales approaching $60m and successful cooperations with major companies like Emmi, the future for MyMuesli is looking bright. 

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