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Our case studies focus on brands and products that provide lessons from real challenges and opportunities which you can use to inform business strategy. They are packed with detail including brand portfolio, pricing, and communications and marketing strategy, merchandising and distribution, and come with a check list of key lessons learned.

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Published: September 2019

Case study: Deliciously Ella

A young woman's blog about combating a disease through a change of diet has grown into a trendy food brand with sales of around $12m. Deliciously Ella's range includes over 30 plant-based and gluten-free products ranging from ready meals to snack bars and breakfast cereal.

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Published: October 2021

Case study: Desincha

This tea brand successfully popularised tea drinking in Brazil when launching digestive wellness teas and powders in 2017. It offers a valuable lesson in the power of influencer marketing.  

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Published: February 2021

Case study: DoBem

This Ambev-owned Brazilian beverage brand has adopted a DTC approach in the face of Covid-19 and is popular with kids and young adults alike. But the DoBem story also shows that even for a popular and established brand, brand extension can be difficult to get right. 

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Published: August 2023

Case study: Dobra Kaloria

This Polish family company has recently invested heavily in meat substitutes, after a failure in that space 25 years ago. With its new approach it illustrates the value of plant-based substitutes that are made from actual vegetables that the consumer can see and understand. 

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Published: November 2022

Case study: Dole Boosted Blends

Dole's Boosted Blends line of frozen smoothie mixes launched in 2020 and became an instant hit. The range saw sales of $15.2 million in 2021, making it one of the most successful new products that year. The range connects to many key trends, including Mood & Mind, Digestive Wellness and Plants Made Convenient. 

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Published: August 2023

Case study: Dos Pinos

The leading dairy producer in Central America has a number of innovative products in its portfolio and is a reminder of the value of being innovative and agile in responding to consumer demands - even as a major corporation. 

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Published: April 2020

Case study: Drinkfinity (2020 update)

This PepsiCo e-commerce brand of customised better-for-you beverages appears to have vanished into thin air, leaving confused and angry consumers behind.

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Published: May 2019

Case study: Eat Natural

With inspiration from Australia, childhood friends Praveen Vijh and Preet Grewal founded Eat Natural in 1997 without any external funding. The cereal and snack bar brand has invested very little in marketing, yet saw sales reach an all-time high of £34.1m ($43.7m) in 2018.

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Published: July 2023

Case study: Ehrmann

A well-established dairy player, Ehrmann has managed to achieve revenues over €750m and a presence in more than 70 countries through clever product innovation and a focus on being family-run.

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Published: October 2019

Case study: Emergen-C

During its four decades on the market, the Emergen-C brand has attracted a very loyal following among American consumers looking to boost their health with various supplements. Emergen-C is today the market leader in liquid vitamin and mineral brands in the US and has products that can help with anything from digestive problems to sleeplessness.

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