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Our case studies focus on brands and products that provide lessons from real challenges and opportunities which you can use to inform business strategy. They are packed with detail including brand portfolio, pricing, and communications and marketing strategy, merchandising and distribution, and come with a check list of key lessons learned.

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Published: November 2017

Case study: Nesfluid HydraNutrition®

Launched by Nestlé in France in September 2010, Nesfluid HydraNutrition® 's aim was to help people achieve the goals set by the nutritional guidelines, with the hydration and fruit consumption that entails. It was a health drink comprising 50% whey and coconut water, supplemented with various fruit juices, and vitamins. 

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Published: April 2023

Case study: Nick's

Nick’s is a rare example of a small international brand that has managed to conquer the US market. The Swedish maker of low-sugar ice cream and sweets had 2021 sales of SEK 246m, with around 50% coming from the US market. 

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Published: August 2021

Case study: Nick's

Nick’s is a rare example of a small international brand that has managed to conquer the US market. The Swedish maker of low-sugar ice cream and sweets achieved sales of over $20m in 2020 and provides an interesting lesson in focusing on taste vs. health, and what this can do to your brand.

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Published: October 2018

Case Study: Njie

Swedish ex-MMA fighter Assan Njie was struggling to find healthy, convenient food products to fuel his sports career and decided to do something about it. Founded in 2008, Njie boomed with the launch of the ProPud brand of protein puddings in 2015 and sales have increased by 431% since - much thanks to successful use of the 'permission to indulge' strategy.

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Published: February 2019

Case study: Nocco

NOCCO, No Carbs Company, has become the most talked about energy drink brand on the Swedish market. Sales have grown by 893% since launch in 2014, and the brand's BCAA drinks are endorsed by a range of athletes and fitness influencers.

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Published: October 2022

Case study: Nomadic Dairy

Nomadic Dairy has managed to become category leader in the UK Convenience & Impulse channel, despite being small and premium priced. This is much thanks to the brand’s position as a small, independent brand with roots in the “lush, green pastures of County Donegal”.

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Published: May 2019

Case study: Oatly

For its first two decades, Oatly was a niche brand with slow growth. Seven years ago that changed, and the brand’s sales have grown by an impressive 285% in the past 10 years. The Swedish brand is now active in major markets like the US and China, and promotes its products mainly on transparency and environmental health platforms. 

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Published: November 2020

Case study: Oatly (2020 update)

With the latest financial data and information about the much talked about Blackstone deal, this updated case study will give you a good idea of how Oatly is doing and what the future may hold for the plant-based challenger brand.  

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Published: March 2022

Case study: Oatly (2022 update)

In this 2022 update we look at Oatly's financial performance in various regions, its ever so edgy marketing and its Amazon-style business strategy. 

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Published: June 2023

Case study: Oatly (2023 update)

In this 2023 update we look at Oatly's financial performance which has seen some rare improvements lately, possibly thanks to the positive influences of its newly appointed CEO. 

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