The snackification of breakfast

Worldwide, breakfast has become a source of new opportunity and a battleground, fuelled by consumers’ need for quick and easy meals in the morning – and by two massively successful disruptive innovations, Belvita’s breakfast biscuit and Up & Go’s liquid breakfast.

From Asia to America, breakfast is being “snackified”. This report explains the wealth of new opportunities for companies in every food category and the five factors of success for new breakfast products.

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Recent Case Studies Super-premium free-from brand shakes up bar market The Kind brand has achieved the impossible, growing its sales by more than 1000% over a five-year period, becoming one of the most successful snack brands of the last five years with sales of almost $300 million. read more Probiotic refreshes feel-the-benefit advantage In a bid to breathe fresh life into its Activia probiotic digestive health brand – lately somewhat overshadowed by the Greek yogurt phenomenon – Dannon USA, the North American arm of French dairy giant Danone, has set out to re-focus the attention of American consumers with the reintroduction of its feel-the-benefit challenge. read more Snack brand sparks market for sprouted grain Way Better has put the innovative reinvention of an old type of food at the core of its business, delivering “good grains” that are sprouted and naturally gluten-free for people who want to avoid bad carbs and snack more healthily. A business that combines technical and marketing know-how, consumers have rewarded it with enviable sales growth, and its success is likely to spark me-toos – already, Kellogg has picked up the sprouted grain idea with its Kashi brand. read more Popchips hopes mass market will put snap back into sales The Popchips brand got its start from a technology that enables grains to be “popped”, rather than baked or fried, delivering less fat and calories while preserving taste. The brand has gone from strength to strength – but now it faces its moment of truth. It is investing in moving from lifestyle to mass, from digital marketing to mass TV advertising, and it is doing so just as its point of difference erodes and sales have begun to falter. Popchips must succeed in the transformation or settle for niche status. read more Sahale mission remains ‘out of the ordinary’ despite Smucker acquisition The recent purchase of Sahale Snacks by J.M. Smucker is the latest industry deal as big brands seek companies that offer growth and a healthful footprint, but can the small innovative brands being bought up retain their authenticity? read more Sports branding for breakfast protein boost It may enjoy the branding of one of the UK’s best-loved sports teams, but dairy company First Milk is taking care to target not just sportspeople but lifestyle consumers with its growing breakfast range based on dairy protein – an ingredient that, the company says, appeals to a wide audience. read more Oat-and-dairy drink targets US breakfast table Cold drinkable oats have long been a staple food in Latin America, and now, with a packaging and flavour upgrade, Colombian dairy company Alpina has its sights on increasing demand among American consumers for convenient breakfast foods. read more Acquisition propels The Fresh Diet in national expansion Backend customization and strong customer service have been the building blocks for The Fresh Diet’s success, but a new parent company with a shared vision and additional resources leave the fresh delivery service poised for additional growth. read more Making sense of sugar? Sugar has replaced fat as the new “dietary demon” in some markets, and companies are wrestling with how to meet expectations of lower sugar and boost their business. Unsurprisingly, a major sugar producer is tackling the issue head-on, initiating a major consumer communications campaign to tell the other side of the story. Can they succeed in convincing consumers that sugar is not all bad? read more

America’s Supermarket Guru selects some of our 10 Key Trends

This year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our business. Frankly, it’s hard to believe that so much time has passed so quickly.

If we had to point to one achievement, it’s the fact that over that time we have become internationally recognised for our annual 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health report. Its an analysis and forecast and one of our customers recently described it as “the most content-rich” trend report they can find.

As ever, 10 Key Trends 2015 has garnered a lot of media attention and right now we’re busy with one-to-one presentations and webinars for our customers, customising the trends to their businesses.

But we were delighted to discover that this year 10 Key Trends has been featured in a short video presentation by Phil Lempert, America’s “Supermarket Guru”.

Phil has a big influence on American consumers – and as a result he is taken seriously by food retailers. He is also a respected adviser to Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to Schools initiative.

So Thank You Phil! We are honoured and humbled to have got your attention.

Click on the video link here and you can hear what he said.

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