Coconut Water 2012

The market for coconut water beverages grew 100% in 2011 taking the combined retail sales value of the US and European markets to over $265 million (€196 million). The achievement is all the more amazing because it’s a premium-priced category. The market is expected to grow another 50% in 2012. This report sets out which brands are successful and why and defines the key drivers for the coconut water phenomenon.
40 pages
100 slides with product illustrations, charts and tables

January 2012

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About this report

Coconut water has a massive advantage as an ingredient - it connects to consumers' desire for "naturality" - the biggest trend in the food and beverage business, worldwide.

Coconut water meets consumers' expectations for products that are "free-from" artificial colours, preservatives or additives and free-from any allergens.

Coconut water is also "naturally functional": it naturally has 15 times the amount of potassium found in the equivalent volume of most sports drinks. As well as being isotonic and naturally sweet, coconut water is low in calories - with only 19-24 calories per 100ml, compared to 43 calories per 100ml for orange juice.

Rule number one in the current market is at the root of coconut's success: the message that a food or food ingredient has a natural and intrinsic health benefit is one of the most persuasive that people can hear.

This unique report provides our trademark detailed, independent and opinionated analysis, using supermarket sales data and interviews with executives at all of the companies concerned, as well as independent beverage industry experts.

The report covers:

  • packaging
  • ingredients and nutrition profiles
  • supply strategies
  • marketing communications strategy
  • pricing strategies
  • target consumers
  • flavours

  • For any company, large or small, aiming to create a successful product with coconut water, this report provides practical insights and examples.

    The cool coconut and Rihanna: Vita Coco, the market leader, which has given a 1% stake to Rihanna, the Barbadian-born singer and model, who has become the face of the brand.


    Executive summary

    1. What is coconut water?
    1.1 Coconut water satisfies the rules for marketing natural health
    1.2 What is coconut water?
    1.3 Natural health benefits
    1.4 A benefit people can feel
    1.5 Coconut water taps into demand for a natural sports drink
    1.6 A premium-priced business
    1.7 The future for coconut water: the next Superfood

    2. Natural functionality drives growth for European coconut water

    Case study 1: Green Coco

    Taste is key
    No need for a health claim
    Green Coco shows how to take a concept to market
    Control of supply key to success
    New products, new channels
    Funding key to entrepreneurial success
    Green Coco optimistic about for coconut water in Europe

    3. Entrepreneurs drive growth of US coconut category
    3.1 A new point of difference in the US sports drink market
    3.2 Market shares of leading brands
    3.3 Supply chain challenge
    3.4 Appearance of more startups
    3.5 PepsiCo's Phenom

    Case Study 2: Vita Coco
    Lifestyle and nostalgia consumers
    Expanding in Europe

    Case Study 3: Zico

    Case Study 4: O.N.E. (One Natural Experience)

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