How to succeed with natural energy

Energy is a key consumer need, consistently among consumers’ top-5 or top-6 needs. This large, successful and profitable market has so far been dominated by fast energy – caffeine-based stimulation drinks. But most consumers want their energy from something they perceive as more natural. Only a small number of brands have connected to this need, but those that have are seeing consistent growth, often at premium prices, and include some mass-market success stories as well as lifestyle brands.
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June 2017

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About this report

Energy as a key benefit has proven its strength and some of the most successful brands have connected to it. It is a trend that will endure as it connects to consumer needs. However, so far few brands have found the formula for success.

In this report we identify the five factors of success for natural energy that any product developer can apply and use, illustrated by eight detailed case studies of ingredients and brands.



    1. The consumer for natural energy                                      

    2. Five factors of success in natural energy                          

    3. Case studies                                                              

    1. Dates offer sweet natural energy benefits                                   
    2. Nut butters – indulgent natural energy                                        
    3. Belvita Breakfast biscuits reshape breakfast  with ‘steady energy’
    4. Clif Bar – harnessing natural energy                                 
    5. Soreen – from regional speciality to cult sports snack                 
    6. Bounce Balls build on protein energy benefits                
    7. Deliciously Ella energy balls – all-natural and free-from
    8. Roobar – organic and raw energy  


List of charts, tables

Chart 1:   Number of online articles discussing “energy” and specific fruit and vegetables          
Chart 2:   Number of online articles discussing “energy” and specific foods/beverages  
Chart 3:   Number of online articles discussing “energy” and foods/beverages
Chart 4:   Natural energy brands on the product lifecycle                           
Chart 5:   Dates are increasingly used as an ingredient                                
Chart 6:   Natural Delights price comparison                                                 
Chart 7:   Pip & Nut’s convenient on-the-go sachets earn a premium price           
Chart 8:   Belvita price comparison                                                      
Chart 9:   Clif Bar financial performance                                                        
Chart 10: Clif Bar price comparison                                                    
Chart 11: Soreen sales rise despite premium price                           
Chart 12: Bounce Balls price comparison                                                       
Chart 13: Deliciously Ella price comparison                                                   
Chart 14: Roobar price comparison                                                     
Table 1:  How the brands in our case studies measure up against the five factors
Table 2:  Foods that science says are natural energy sources    




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