10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2016

The New Nutrition Business 10 Key Trends is the only trend analysis dedicated to the business of food and health and the only one that will help you spot the difference between an enduring trend and a fad. The 10 Key Trends present a mass of innovation and renovation opportunities for both big brands and entrepreneurial brands. For ingredient companies they help to make you as knowledgeable as your customers are.
103 pages
307 slides

November/December 2015

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10 Key Trends 2015
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2016
Key Trend 1: Beverages redefined – new opportunities lie in the flourishing world of healthy niches
Key Trend 2: Snackification – from cheese to bugs, there are no limits
Key Trend 3: Dairy 2.0 – reborn as a natural whole food and ripe for reinvention
Key Trend 4: Redefining sweetness
Key Trend 5: The fragmentation of the consumers’ mind
Key Trend 6: Naturally functional – three high-growth ingredients powered by the King of Trends
Key Trend 7: Plant-based foods and beverages
Key Trend 8: E-commerce powers the growing direct-to-consumer trend
Key Trend 9: Protein up and away in America as the rest of the world looks on
Key Trend 10: Free-from – spotlight shifting from gluten to dairy

Chart & Boxes

Chart 1: How the Key Trends influence each other
Chart 2: The Trend Diamond – What does it mean?
Chart 3: Where the trends sit in the life cycle
Chart 4: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 1, Beverages redefined
Chart 5: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 1, Beverages redefined
Chart 6: Frequency of snacking has increased in the US
Chart 7: Incidence of snacking in different demographic segments – snacks per day
Chart 8: The meaning of snacking and meals is changing
Chart 9: Snack frequency per day comparison in several countries
Chart 10: Snacking in Spain is a group thing
Chart 11: Premium-pricing no barrier to snack bar success
Chart 12: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 2, Snackification
Chart 13: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 2, Snackification
Chart 14: Per capita cheese consumption (kg)
Chart 15: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 3, Dairy 2.0
Chart 16: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 3, Dairy 2.0
Chart 17: Fat vs sugar content per 100g
Chart 18: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 4, Redefining sweetness
Chart 19: Seaweed overlaps with many trends
Chart 20: Snack products launches with seaweed, Europe and US, 2005-2015(YTD)
Chart 21: Seaweed products pricing vs other snacks - USA
Chart 22: Coconut commands premium prices
Chart 23: The number of snack products launched with coconut as an ingredient is growing
Chart 24: An increasing number of new dairy products feature coconut as an ingredient
Chart 25: Coconut benefits from overlapping with a number of trends
Chart 26: Beanitos, a typical fast-growth start-up
Chart 27: Beans benefit from overlapping with a number of trends
Chart 28: The number of new snack products featuring beans as an ingredient is on the increase
Chart 29: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 6, Naturally functional, powering the rise of coconut
Chart 30: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 6, Naturally functional, powering the rise of Seaweed
Chart 31:Trend Diamond, Key Trend 6, Naturally functional, powering the rise of beans
Chart 32: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 6, Naturally functional
Chart 33: Non-dairy alternatives enjoying massive growth (2013-2014)
Chart 34: Percentage of population who claim to be “vegetarian” & “vegan”
Chart 35: Vegetarianism and veganism in the US
Chart 36: Sales of meat alternatives in $M
Chart 37: Plant-based foods are already a large part of our diets
Chart 38:Trend Diamond, Key Trend 7, Plant-based foods & beverages
Chart 39: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 7, Plant-based foods & beverages
Chart 40: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 8, Direct-to-consumers
Chart 41: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 9, Protein
Chart 42: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 9, Protein
Chart 43: Food products launched with “gluten-free” claims
Chart 44: Food products launched with “dairy-free” claims
Chart 45: Trend Diamond, Key Trend 10, Free-from
Chart 46: Product life-cycle, Key Trend 10, Free-from
Box 1: Clean label is a “must do” but it is not a growth trend
Box 2: Energy drinks still sharp
Box 3: Coca-Cola’s Innocent goes coco
Box 4: Social media drives evolution of beverage market
Box 5: When economies improve, snack purchases go up
Box 6: What’s next in snacking – beans
Box 7: What’s next in snacking – seaweed
Box 8: What’s next in snacking – insects
Box 9: What’s next in snacking – dairy and grain/nut/seed combinations
Box 10: What’s next in snacking – cheese
Box 11: Strategies 1+2= dairy from far away that’s also unashamedly indulgent
Box 12: Taking back milk’s taste advantage
Box 13: As dairy fat concerns recede, the spotlight falls on sugar
Box 14: Play in plant milks – they’re not going away
Box 15: The re-birth of dairy fat
Box 16: Will sugar taxes mean another nail in the coffin of low fat yoghurts?
Box 17: Mexico’s successful sugar taxes are straw in the wind for sugar
Box 18: The science on sugar and inflammation
Box 19: Trop 50 stagnation a sign that stevia’s best days may be behind it?
Box 20: World cuisine in the gastronomic heart of France
Box 21: Fragmentation that started in 2003 has become a defining force
Box 22: Consumers are full of contradictions!
Box 23: “Healthy high caloric” foods – because naturally healthy beats calories
Box 24: Beanitos: a bean snack with high growth at a premium price
Box 25: Vegetarian “lifestyle” created awareness about plant-based foods
Box 26: “Flexitarians” are a strong driver of the plant-based food trend
Box 27: Marketing increasingly pushes plant protein for athletes
Box 28: The slow-moving meat alternative market in the US
Box 29: Plant-based foods are the oldest and biggest trend
Box 30: Silicon Valley financiers will drive “plant-tech”
Box 31: Home delivery grows up
Box 32: Responding to the distribution challenges of fresh dairy
Box 33: Nestle investment in alternative channels
Box 34: Home-delivery services in China
Box 35: Home delivery is nothing new
Box 36: Danone investment in home delivery – “Programa saber viver” in Brazil
Box 37: Snacking and protein strategy from chocolate giant
Box 38: Protein in Brazil
Box 39: Protein in Indonesia
Box 40: Plant focus a steadily building challenge to dairy
Box 41: Lactose free is a growth opportunity



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