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Produced by the publishers of New Nutrition Business, the longest-established journal on the global food and nutrition business, KNR brings the same expertise to address every aspect of the challenging domain of kids' nutrition in the 21st century, from brand strategies to proprietary ingredients and technologies.


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Recent Case Studies Can a spout stop sales slide? How does a 90-year-old market-leading brand hold on to its history while keeping up with competitors? Gerber, wrong-footed by upstart brands that have bought innovation in ingredients, clean label and packaging to the marketplace, has been dented by sales slides and a drop in its market share. Will an innovative “Smart Flow” spout help to arrest the decline? read more Brand with provenance banks on whole milk formula A British-made infant formula brand is shaking up the market with a whole-milk-based formulation, which its maker says is more natural and gentler on babies’ stomachs than traditional skimmed milk-vegetable oil blends. read more Stopping food allergies before they begin More children than ever suffer from food allergies, but a Californian company intends to take promising research in the area directly to consumers, with a dietary supplement for babies that aims to prevent food allergies before they arise. read more Laying nutritional foundations for teenage athletes Realizing that sports nutrition education was lacking in professional clubs and that youth athletes had no dietary supplement specifically designed to help them through this phase of growth, the founder of Youth Sport Nutrition has created the worlds’ first recovery shake specifically designed for adolescent athletes. read more Simplicity the aim of new enhanced water segment Minimal ingredients and clean labels are all the rage for parents looking for hydration snacks for their kids now, and it doesn’t get much sparser than this: drinks that consist of nothing but water and fruit extracts. At least two startups have begun establishing this new enhanced-water segment: Wonder+Well and Kids Water. read more AquaBall rolls out ambitious agenda Increasing distribution, building its brand, venturing into multi-packs and potentially targeting an older demographic: it’s an ambitious agenda for a start-up that saw lacklustre sales in 2016, but that’s not holding back AquaBall, one of the pioneers of enhanced kids water. read more Start-up built on free-from family recipe Meli’s Monster Cookies comes from a common template for the successful better-for-you-food startup: It was founded by two women with a bit of business savvy who applied some personal background to an unmet need they perceived in the market and found consumers who responded to it. Now revenues are pushing $1 million and they’re keeping up the pace with new products and distribution. read more Navigating the lunchbox arena While the US government is still trying to figure out what to feed schoolchildren for lunch and breakfast, many American moms are making their own decisions about what their kids will eat each day – by assembling meals and snacks for their lunchbags. And dozens of food and beverage brands have been stepping up to try to influence their decisions. read more

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