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Welcome to Kids Nutrition Report (KNR), a unique international journal focused on the burgeoning worldwide kids' nutritional marketplace.

Produced by the publishers of New Nutrition Business, the longest-established journal on the global food and nutrition business, KNR brings the same expertise to address every aspect of the challenging domain of kids' nutrition in the 21st century, from brand strategies to proprietary ingredients and technologies.


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Recent Case Studies Creating lifelong customers from health-oriented moms A pregnancy and new baby often prompts a change in womens’ shopping habits as they focus on giving their baby the best start in life. PR/Communications consultant Lisa Mabe discusses quick-start ideas to help brands to create lifetime customers from new moms. read more School nutrition a “great opportunity” for healthier brands Nutritional standards for lunches at schools across the United States have become a political punching bag. But for better-for-you food companies that understand the times, the trends and the varying needs and demands of constituencies ranging from federal bureaucrats to local administrators to kids themselves, there are unprecedented opportunities to land big revenues by supplying the lunch trays of America’s schoolchildren. read more The case for whole milk is adding up Late last year, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that seemed to contradict received dietary wisdom on children and full fat milk. read more Passion for cheese turns into sweet snacking range As a product idea, cheese candy might be a bit “out there”, as its creator readily admits – but this sweet cheese snack’s playful branding and healthy snack promise are winning it shelf space. read more MySuperFoods maintains steady growth As they launch the third product in their portfolio, ‘mom-preneurs’ and founders of MySuperFood Company are capitalising on what they know well – the trials and tribulations of getting healthy food into the mouths of young children, without breaking the bank. read more Brewing up exotic tea Kids and tea have never really mixed in the US market, but the founders of Bossi Kids Tea believe they appeal to American kids with a form of the rooibos herbal tea that is popular in their native South Africa – where kids are weaned on the stuff. read more

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