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Produced by the publishers of New Nutrition Business, the longest-established journal on the global food and nutrition business, KNR brings the same expertise to address every aspect of the challenging domain of kids' nutrition in the 21st century, from brand strategies to proprietary ingredients and technologies.


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Recent Case Studies Chinese demand fuels formula frenzy Launching a kids food or beverage into a western market is one of the riskiest things you can do. The failure rate is 80% – and if you aim for an age-group older than six, the failure rate goes up higher still. read more Frosted Flakes buck cereal trend Kellogg is battling a decline in the popularity of ready-to-eat cereals with American consumers and particularly with millennials. The titan of the category is grabbing every tool it can find to try to get its cereal business humming again. read more Snack food for the brain spells success By unapologetically marketing the better-for-you attributes of its kids’ cookies, crackers and cereals, Bitsy’s Brainfood has grown to a few million dollars a year in sales – just three years after it was founded by two children’s-nutrition activists who put their money where their mouths were. read more Premium brand gives star role to veges A premium-priced organic baby food start-up aims to achieve stand-out with vegetable-led, fruit-light recipes that keep sugar levels low and offer more typically adult tastes, including ingredients such as Puy lentils and masala. read more Rabbit family kicks off with veggie water J.F. Rabbit has created a seemingly viable brand from a standing start just two years ago by taking the thinking behind nutritionally-enhanced waters to a logical conclusion: why not veggie waters? read more Lactation cookies: mothers’ best friend Realising that half of mothers were giving up breastfeeding early because of milk supply problems, start-up Milkmakers offered a solution: “laxogenic” ingredients and “galactagogues”. If that sounds science-heavy, the reality is more consumer-friendly – simple, convenient cookies. read more Bon Appetit: putting fun into fruit and veggies for kids Well-intentioned parents, schools and brands have tried all sorts of ways to get kids to eat their veggies. Now Bon Appetit Management Co. may have come up with one of the most effective: teaching kids how to eat – and enjoy, and prepare meals and snacks – with fruits and vegetables. read more “Nudging” kids towards healthier food the fun way Getting children to take and eat their veggies in school lunches may be as simple as merchandising and marketing them like foods that aren’t as good for kids. read more Creating kids’ concepts If you are an ingredient supplier, it’s a relentless struggle to differentiate yourself from all the other suppliers of the same ingredients (few people are unique in today’s market) and escape the trap of competing on price. read more

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